“The Revolution Generation explains how, using the sacred, imperative tools of nonviolent action and the ballot, Millennials can fight to reverse the status quo. Indeed, we have no other choice—because, unlike the generation currently in power, our future literally depends on it.”

RENALDO PEARSON, co–mission director of Democracy Spring and social engineer-in-residence at Harvard University


“The Revolution Generation demonstrates that Millennial's aren’t like any other generation. Hate it or love it, we might just be the most important political and world-changing generation in 100 years. We are ready and able to use our voices for world-shaking change—it’s time for folks to join the progress or get out of our way!”

CHRISTIN “CICI” BATTLE, director of People For the American Way Foundation’s “Young People For”

“This empowering handbook explores the power of good and kind disruption combined with the heartfelt force of a new generation. Let’s harness this energy to change the world!”

GUNNAR LOVELACE, founder of Thrive Market and Good Money

“I challenge everyone to use the advice from this book to go make a difference today!”

LINDSEY HORVATH, city council member and former mayor of West Hollywood


“This book is both a battle cry for change and an instruction manual for a greater future. It will give you hope that today’s youth will use their numbers, diversity, and power to inspire, educate, and be the crusaders for good that we all need right now!”

DAN SCHAWBEL, New York Times bestselling author of Back to Human and Me 2.0


THE REVOLUTION GENERATION is a multi-faceted project that explores the crisis, awakening, and empowerment of the largest youth generation in history. Today half of the people on planet Earth are under the age of 35 - this is more people than were alive in 1950. Theirs is the most connected, educated and technologically savvy generation ever. Yet the hardships they face threaten to culminate in a perfect storm of economic, humanitarian, environmental and political crisis.

This Book, Film, and College Tour Lecture Series, under the same title, explore the sweeping demographic changes that lead to the world that young people are inheriting and – through following a new breed of global citizens who have committed themselves to world change in companies, communities, and countries – paints a picture of how this generation is awakening to change the world for the better. The basis for the word “revolution” is the Latin word “revolutio,” which means “to turn around.” It is our mission to show a young audience how to “turn their world around” for good.



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